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Negotiating Your Employment Agreement: Physicians Practicing in an Evolving Healthcare System

Negotiating Your Employment Agreement: Physicians Practicing in an Evolving Healthcare System


Medical professionals entering the workforce today face a rapidly evolving, and continuously changing, healthcare landscape. Because of this, healthcare professionals, and especially physicians, must grapple with a unique set of challenges – fewer independent medical practices, rising compliance and administrative burdens, and reduced independence, among many others. Increased, and still increasing, consolidation has afforded hospitals and health systems greater bargaining power in the employment marketplace. Physicians preparing to enter into employment arrangements face one of the most important decisions of their professional lives – and a challenging set of legal, financial, and ethical considerations. (more…)

Long-Term Care Planning with Real Estate:
To Deed or Not to Deed?


Parents and married couples often ask whether they should deed their primary residence to their adult children.  The answer depends on the objective.  Many clients seek to avoid probate following their deaths, making transferring the house during their lifetime a means of estate planning.  Other clients are focused on the rising health care costs and their potential needs for assisted living or long-term nursing home care.  For Monroe, Ontario, and Livingston counties, the estimated cost for nursing home care is $140,304.00 per year or $11,692.00 per month.  These estimates are average nursing home rates.  The actual cost of a nursing home can be higher or lower depending on the type of facility.  Since long-term care planning with real estate often requires advance planning, it is important to understand what Medicaid planning is and why you may want to explore your options now. (more…)


Drones in Real Estate: Getting Pilots under Contract


The use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, has grown rapidly over the past few years, including their use in real estate photography. Residential listings show images and videos of an entire parcel, the house from above, and large rooms or foyers from the ceiling. Commercial listings show images and videos of multiple parcels, the nearby bustling city and the skyline. They depict what could not be captured with regular photography – the full lot or development site, nearby amenities, the height of the ceilings, a comparison to neighboring lots, and virtual tours spanning the roof to the remodeled kitchen. Whether agents or brokers take UAS pictures themselves or they hire a third party, real estate photography is more than a hobby; it is a business, and one that is highly regulated. (more…)