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Don’t Wait. Plan for Long-Term Care Now.


Before Retirement

Long-term care planning is not something anyone can afford to wait for.  If you think this planning is only for the elderly, you’re wrong.  The rising costs of healthcare, the lack of access to preventative care when we need it most, the increased reliance on urgent care centers, and ultimately, the inequity in the deliverance of care when we do need it is the reason we need to begin planning well before retirement. 


Understanding Your Survey Map

The home buying process has a lot of moving parts.   The closing is the culmination of months of work and collaboration.  Homeowners not only walk away with a key to their new house, but also a folder full of documents. (more…)

Entity Formation: What’s Your Type?

As any aspiring new business owner, you may be in the midst of writing a business plan and envisioning your future successes.  At the early stages of business formation, oftentimes, clients are flooded with a wealth of information and overwhelmed with decision-making.  Too often, clients rush right into entity formation without fully understanding the reasoning behind their first big decision.

In New York State, there are six basic entity structures that exist:  sole proprietorship, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation and not-for-profit corporation.  A basic understanding of these business structures can help you to find the right type of business entity for your new venture.


Long-Term Care Planning with Real Estate:
To Deed or Not to Deed?

Parents and married couples often ask whether they should deed their primary residence to their adult children.  The answer depends on the objective.  Many clients seek to avoid probate following their deaths, making transferring the house during their lifetime a means of estate planning.  Other clients are focused on the rising health care costs and their potential needs for assisted living or long-term nursing home care.  For Monroe, Ontario, and Livingston counties, the estimated cost for nursing home care is $140,304.00 per year or $11,692.00 per month.  These estimates are average nursing home rates.  The actual cost of a nursing home can be higher or lower depending on the type of facility.  Since long-term care planning with real estate often requires advance planning, it is important to understand what Medicaid planning is and why you may want to explore your options now. (more…)